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TUTORIAL: TomTom One Speaker

1 - Symptoms:
You have a tomtom one and lately, you have no sound nor beep, or sound effects associated with your IP, or voice.

2 - Diagnosis:
First, check that the software is set up properly: In particular, check if the voices are not disabled.

Tap this button to turn on/off the spoken instructions.
The button changes to Turn on sound. If you turn off the sound, you
will not hear warnings for upcoming POIs.
To change the volume, tap Volume preferences in the menu
To quickly change the volume while driving, touch
the lower left part of the Driving View and move the
sliding button.
To change the voice used by your ONE, tap Change voice in
the Preferences menu.

If everything is OK with the configuration of the tomtom, there are two possible causes left: the audio amplifier built into the motherboard and the speaker, including the connection wires and the connector. So we will see how to eliminate these causes.

a-Open the tomtom : Use a small Torx screwdriver but a mini flat screwdriver will do if it fits the star screw.

Open gently the device to separate the two half-hulls. For this, a screwdriver can help but also can damage the plastic. You can file or bevel an old credit card.

b- Using a clip tweezers or a flat nose pliers, remove the connector of the speaker from the motherboard.
We will consider that statistically a single failure can affect your tomtom.
c- Without Meter Test: Before removing the speaker, we will test it:

Please have a 1.5 V battery, two pins and a piece of electrical cable (sindex), or two electric wires. Strip the ends on 2 or 3 cm.

Wrap one end of the cable on the pins (put a piece of tape to hold and possibly prevent them from touching).
Gently push the tips of the pins in the connector of the speaker.
On the other side, take a wire (green for example) hold it touching one of the terminals of the battery and switch the other wire (here red) on the other terminal of the battery, Don’t hold it too long in that position, just make a quick and short touch on the terminal.
You should hear a cracking sound distinctly in the speaker.
If you hear nothing (and your connections are good, and the pins do not touch each other) it is that the speaker is dead. You can then go to my shop and buy one (or a set of two, to have a spare)

d- test with a multimeter: in order to check the speaker, it is best to use the pins unless you have thin enough Probes.
Set your device on ohm-meter, you should detect a low resistance of several ohms. Note: you did the test in DC so it's not the impedance of the speaker that is measured (it must be measured in AC because there is a self effect mainly due to the coil and it varies depending on the frequency), but the resistance of the coil.

3 - Replacement of the speaker: Remove the old speaker by removing it from its housing and replace it with the new one, along with the existing small flexible grid/mesh designed to avoid dust, filings and other, to stick on the speaker membrane and gradually deteriorate the sound. Make sure the connector is properly plugged into the motherboard.
Make a test before closing the device, with the menu “change the voice testing”. If everything is OK close the set in reverse order.
You just gave back his voice to your TomTom, which will be eternally grateful!

Tutorial written by Yves Naouri – La grotte aux Trésors -

To open the tomtom and change the battery, see the excellent tutorial posted on the site tomtomax. link to One V1 but there are others:

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